Jean Capart


“For only the dead whose name is pronounced, live on” (1)
JEAN CAPART (1877-1947) From childhood, Jean, headstrong but clever, devours all that appears on ancient Egypt. After a doctorate in Law, he studies Egyptology at various European universities, where he befriends the greatest scholars of his time, from the British William Flinders Petrie to the French Gaston Maspero. In 1902, at the age of 25, the University of Liège entrusts him with the first Belgian academic chai...
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We are currently preparing an exhaustive and detailed list of Jean Capart’s published work, but in the meantime, a selection of his most significant publications is given below:
Recueil de monuments égyptiens, 1st series, Brussels, 1902, 102 p., 50 pl.; 2nd series, Brussels, 1905, 118 p. and 50 pl. Les Origines de l’Art et l’Art oriental. I. Les Origines de l’art et l’art égyptien, Brussels, 1903, 63 p.; 2nd, Brussels, undated, 48 p.; II. L’Art oriental hors d’Egypte, Brussels, 1904-1905, 72 p. Les Débuts de l’Art en Egypte, Brussels, Vromant & Cie, 1904, VIII-316 p., 191 p...
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Bibliography relating to Jean Capart

Books, relevant chapters in books, articles, notes and other contributions that recall the life and work of Jean Capart (non-exhaustive list).
BARTEL Hans-Georg, Zu einer Bemerkung Jean Caparts über Adolf Ermans letzte Lebensjahre im “Dritten Reich” – Eine erneute Betrachtung und Hinterfragung, in : Feder Frank, Sperveslage Gunnar & Steinborn Florian (eds), Ägypten begreifen. Erika Endesfelder in memoriam, Berlin-London, Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie. Studies from the Internet on Egyptology and Sudanarchaeology,...
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