Jean Capart highlighted during the exhibition TUTANKHAMUN in Liège

4 January 2020

Discovering the forgotten pharaoh
The most mythical discovery in the history of archaeology… In 1922, in the Valley of the Kings, an English archaeologist, Howard Carter, and his billionaire benefactor, Lord Carnarvon, entered the intact tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the first people to do so since 3,200 years. Once century later, now you can take a journey to the heart of the most famous tomb in the world and gaze o... lire la suite

The Queen, the Egyptologist and the Pharaoh

4 January 2020

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, under the aegis of Baudouin Falmagne, Hulencourt Festival is organising an exceptional evening with historian Jean-Michel Bruffaerts, Scientific Coordinator of the Jean Capart Fund. The lecture will be given in French. With the participation of Her Royal Highness Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, Honorary President of the Jean Capart Fund. Under the High Patronage o... lire la suite

December 1, 2017 – “In the footsteps of Jean Capart…”

8 December 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.S.A.R. la Princesse Esméralda de BELGIQUE (FR) : Le Professeur et la Reine, une passion commune et une grande amitié La reine Elisabeth de Belgique et Jean Capart entretenaient une grande amitié. Outre leur passion commune pour l’égyptologie, ils possédaient tous les deux une personnalité forte, une curiosité scientifique et un enthousia... lire la suite

Le lancement officiel du Fonds Jean Capart

8 December 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.  SEANCE ACADEMIQUE DU 1er DECEMBRE 2017 Après un lancement privé qui a eu lieu le 18 février 2017 à Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, le Fonds Jean Capart s'est présenté à la presse, aux mécènes, aux professionnels de l’égyptologie et, plus largement, à tous ceux qui s’intéressent à l’Egypte et à l’histoire de l’égyptologie. ... lire la suite

Editorial: Capart, the birth of a project

23 November 2017

Coordinator of the Capart Project
Scientific Collaborator at the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels

When I first heard the name of Jean Capart in 1977, I was far from being able to imagine the role that the founder of Egyptology in Belgium would come to play in my life and even further from suspecting that, forty years later, I would be invited to welcome visitors to a website entirely devoted to his life and work. I was just twelve years old when my parents took me to the Palais des Beaux-Ar... lire la suite

Brussels, 1st and 2nd December 2017. In the footsteps of Jean Capart…

14 September 2017

Het Fonds Jean Capart stelt zich voor aan het publiek
After a private launch, held in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre on 18 February 2017, the Jean Capart Fund has decided to present its project to professionals working in Egyptology, the media, sponsors and all those interested in Egypt and the history of Egyptology. On Friday, 1st December 2017, the prestigious surroundings of the Royal Museums of Art and History (in the Cinquantenaire Park) in Brussels will... lire la suite

Programme of Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December

12 September 2017

Conference participation is free, but you will be asked to pay the entrance fee to the museum.  Friday, 1 December 2017: 10h – 10h10                Alexandra de Poorter (Acting Managing Director of the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels), Welcome 10h10 – 10h20            Her Royal Highness the Princess Esméralda of Belgium (Honorary Président of th... lire la suite